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Material Ropeway – an ideal solution for rough terrain transport

RMS Material Ropeway is a functional and economic method to transport heavy loads in the most difficult or ecologically sensitive terrains, such as steep slopes, forests, or rocky surfaces. Based on the long experience of our people, we provide feasible, reliable and quick solutions.

Heavy Loads to Long Distances

RMS Material Ropeway has the following technical characteristics:

  • Heavy loads up to 4 tones.
  • Distances of up to 1,000 m.
  • Hoist speed up to 1.5 m/s.
  • Line speed up to 6 m/s.
  • The height of the towers is 29 m.
  • The diameter of the main rope is 36mm, and
  • That of the pulling rope 13mm.
  • The carriage is remote controlled.

Safe, Fast and Efficient Transportation of Heavy Loads

  • A solid solution for working sites, where access of heavy machinery is impossible or not allowed.
  • Quick and cost effective access, as well as continuous operation schedule throughout the year.
  • Applicable in all sorts of landscapes, as well in all kind of climatic conditions.
  • Suitable for almost all kind of construction sites.
  • The optimal ropeway system is perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer.

Flexible and Quickly Available

  • RMS Material Ropeway is based on a modular system. Therefore one single system can be applied on several sections of one project, installing it consecutively several times.
  • It can be ready to go at short notice – within just days. The dismantling takes place without leaving a trace in the surrounding environment.

Improved Safety of the Construction Site

  • No heavy machinery, neither critical access roads, are needed to access steep and dangerous terrains. The on-site staff is not anymore exposed to these risks, as all material is transported mid-air by cable to its final destination.
  • Consequently, the safety of the construction sites is vastly improved.

All Weather Operations

  • RMS Material Ropeway can be used at any climatic conditions – e.g. during rain periods, or snowfall, at highest and lowest temperatures. Therefore, the on-site working period can be extended in snowy or rainy days.
  • The system is proven during hard winters in the Alps and Caucasus mountains.

Cost Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

  • By applying the RMS Material Ropeway it is not prerequisite to construct additional roads through the terrain to enable access to the construction site, that implicate positive consequences for cost-savings as well as a lower impact on the environment.
  • RMS Material Ropeway protect the environment from major interferences. Transportation by cable does require neither heavy wood cutting nor building roads. Especially in ecologically protected areas this type of transport is the ideal solution. The intervention for setting up, for example, a cableway is minimal and after completion of the work everything can be brought back to the original state with minimum effort.
  • Little impact to nature – Low space requirements – Minimal noise exposure – Low energy consumption – Minimal CO2 emissions – Little dust formation.