Sudbahnstrasse 24, A-9900 Lienz, Austria

Company Profile

RMS GmbH is a reliable and efficient partner of ropeway installation, operation and maintenance. Our success is based on highly qualified and motivated staff, as well as our wide range of tools and equipment. Our vision is to provide our customers state of the art level of service.

We do business all over the world developing solutions which meet the most challenging customers’ requirements.

RMS strives for innovation, best technologies and state of the art solutions, which meet even the most challenging situations.

We put priority to safety and environmental issues, fulfilling also social, legislative and regulatory requirements. With inspiration and imagination, we invest in reliable, safe, sustainable and comfortable solutions to meet the most challenging customers’ specifications!


The founder of RMS is Ing. Johannes Onuk . He started in 2001 as a management consultant in the area of safety and regulations fulfilment, in the construction and forestry fields. He turned progressively to the cable-car industry and in 2010 his company took its current scheme “Rope Maintenance Systems GmbH”.  As from 2014, RMS has entered into the sector of industrial construction with great success.


RMS is specialised in the markets of Rope Transport, Rough Terrain Transport and Industrial Assembly, providing services such as Installation, Maintenance, Emergency repair, Operation, Equipment hiring and Project Management consultancy.

RMS’ is doing business all-over the world.

The Team

šRMS is a modern and effective  organisation, staffed with highly motivated, well trained and skilful people.

šProject Managers, Foremen and Fitters, together with Specialists, form a powerful organisation, deploying task forces able to deliver the most difficult projects worldwide.

šQuality, safety, reliability, trust, innovation, constant development are fundamental values, reflected in our services.

Tools & Equipment

šRMS’ owned warehouse in Lienz, Austria, is the basis of equipment & tools storage and handling. Containers with selected tools and equipment are delivered on site for use by the project teams.

šRMS owned Material Ropeway is used for transporting loads, max 4 tons, over difficult or environmentally protected terrains, at distances up to 1000 m.

šFor rope pulling RMS has developed its own pulling system, with pulling capacity up to 10 tons.

šIn addition to a full assortment of standard hand tools, we also have portable winches with pulling capacity up to 1600 kg.